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Custom Jewelry


Let me transform your old pieces of silver plate or sterling into keepsakes you will use, cherish, and pass on to loved ones.  Each piece is carefully evaluated, cleaned, restored as much as possible, then burnished to an unbelievable shine.  Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Acccepting Orders through June 1, 2024

Bracelets $30

Earrings $25

Pendants with chain $25

Annealing fees $5 each piece, if required

Individually wrapped polishing cloth included.

Shipping not included.

Please do not drop off custom orders at shows without prior approval.
Custom Order Process

Please let me know as much as possible about your needs.  I must have a FRONT photo of the pattern, as well as a photo, in focus, of the stamping on the BACK of the handle.  If you have the name of the pattern, it also helps.  Send your pictures using the UPLOAD button below.

I will review your request and give you a firm quote. If you accept the quote,  50% payment is required. Mail or drop off your flatware. Order fulfillment is 5 -15 days, depending on the time of the year.  ORDER EARLY.

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