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Spoon Jewelry

Get Custom Spoon Jewelry and Custom Silverware Spoon Rings from Alta’s Ornamentation

Here at Alta’s Ornamentation, I love working with my customers to create custom silverware spoon rings that they can enjoy for generations. I create upcycled flatware jewelry that is totally customized to your size. I can make all types of spoon jewelry including pendants, earrings, bracelets, and rings with the materials that you provide or that I already have in stock.

I can also make unique mobiles, chimes, chandeliers and other items from discarded silverware and hollowware. You’ll love these beautiful designs that use your loved items in a new way.

My grandmother focused on making something from nothing, and that’s something that I’ve taken from here as well. She is my example of hard work and is who I think of when I make mobiles, jewelry and chimes.

Today, I use a variety of tools to bring these creations to life. I use metal band saws, Dremels, drill presses, metal hammers and other tools to create the pieces that you see in my shop today.

Here at Alta’s Ornamentation, I create custom silverware spoon rings all the time. You’ll love being able to keep your favorite pieces on hand with this beautiful jewelry. On my site, you can shop by size, year or item. Select from spoon jewelry, bracelets, rings and patterns that you’re going to adore.

If you don’t see your size on the site, feel free to reach out. I would be happy to talk to you about the different options that are available. I would love to help with a custom piece, too! I ship free by first class USPS on all orders over $30 and offer free priority mail shipping for orders over $75.

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