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Silverware Jewelry

Get Quality Silverware Jewelry and Birthstone Jewelry from Alta’s Ornamentation

Are you interested in buying silverware jewelry to wear? Perhaps you have antique items that you’d like to have made into birthstone jewelry? I would love to help you get the pieces that you want into your hands. I work on upcycled products, creating beautiful artwork and jewelry from silverware and hollowware. I’m invested in bringing these antique pieces back to life in a way that brings them into daily life in this modern era.

On the site, you can shop by category. I have several categories available now including jewelry, silverware bracelets, spoon rings, size, year, and pattern. I offer a variety of ring sizes, for example, but if you don’t see one that will fit you, please reach out and get in touch. I would be happy to size a ring to your size or help you create a custom piece that fits you well.

I am always interested in making new and unusual pieces. Something I am often asked is how to take care of these antique pieces. The good news is that it’s easy to take care of silver jewelry. I include a wrapped polishing cloth with each jewelry purchase. All you have to do to take care of the jewelry is to use a polishing cloth, or a deep clean, a little bit of silver polish.

I have also been asked if the magnetic jewelry is safe for all wearers. It is so long as you do not wear a pacemaker. If you do, please consider a different type of jewelry from my site.

Thank you for coming to my website today. I’m so happy that you are considering making a purchase from me, and I will be happy to send it out to you as soon as possible.

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