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Silverware Earrings

Buy Amazing Silverware Earrings and Unique Silverware Jewelry to Update Your Look

At Alta’s Ornamentation, something I love to do is to upcycle silverware into unique silverware jewelry. I create all kinds of shapes and styles of jewelry, but what I’m particularly proud of are the silverware earrings that I make out of older silverware and hollowware.

My pieces are designed to look modern while upcycling older materials. Enjoy the beautiful dagger earrings, fork tine earrings, hammered earrings, narcissus spoon earrings and others. Many of my earrings are unique and have a hammered appearance that is simplistic but so elegant that they’ll go with almost any attire.

When you’re looking at buying unique silverware jewelry, it’s important to get your questions answered. On my site, there is a FAQ page where you can read more about the different questions that you might have. For example, you might want to know about shipping. I offer free first class USPS shipping on orders over $30. I also offer free priority mail shipping if you spend $75 or more.

On the FAQ, you can also see the bracelet sizing instructions and information on how to take care of your jewelry. I always include wrapped polishing cloths with jewelry purchases, so that you can complete simple touch ups on your jewelry at any time. Additionally, you can use your favorite silver polish for a more thorough cleaning.

I work with many silver patterns. If you want to know which pattern you have, check the FAQ and click on “Can you help me identify my silver pattern?” You’ll see a directory to review different patterns available.

Most of my packages go out on the same business day, but if you do order a custom order, then we will discuss the time it will take.

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